Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I've Got Something You Can Punish

I know I trend towards narcissism (I am a blogger after all) but I really am starting to think that Jon Bernthal took my longstanding distaste towards him (thanks to all the Ham & Cornpone he spread across The Walking Dead) as some kind of a dare -- in the past couple of months he went and got The World's Best Haircut, and now here in the trailer for his upcoming standalone Punisher series on Netflix as seen above he's gone and slathered his beefcake in blood, something we've expressed a dark taste for before. (Don't you psychoanalyze me.) Oh, Jon. I just don't know what to do with you. (I totally know what to do with him.)

The Punisher doesn't have a drop-date yet 
but it's supposed to hit before the end of the year. 


Blair said...

I can't with him. He is always ACTING. I'm done with Marvel too. As much as I love Charlie Cox, and I really do love him, I stopped watching Daredevil midway through the 2nd season. It's a crashing bore.

Jason Adams said...

"I can't with him. He is always ACTING."

I 100% agree, Blair.... but that haircut! He looks really good with his new haircut! (God I'm so so cheap)

squeezit said...

I just can't. Cheap is fine but... Jon Berenthal? UGH!