Friday, September 08, 2017

Be the Somebody Who's Watching

A heads-up to NYC folks - the very fine film Nobody's Watching (about a gay Argentinean actor getting lost in New York) is out this weekend at the Film Forum (the director will be there for a couple of Q&As) and you'd be considered by those in the know (meaning me) to be a very smart person if you went to see it. I saw it at Tribeca in the spring and reviewed it right here, calling it "an emotionally stunning sketch of an immigrant's experience" and obviously that's a story that's only become more important as the months have passed. And Guillermo Pfening gives a really fantastic performance in it (he won Best Actor at Tribeca). See it this weekend or see it when it comes to a theater or screen near you, I command it.

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Elena Egorova said...

Gosh, I can't wait to see this one. I have known Pfening for a while after I saw him in Argentinian telenovela "Farsantes" - where he played a love interest of the main character Guillermo Graziani. Watching quality LGBT themed movies and TV shows is the best way to learn Spanish. And I am happy someone from small Argentinian screen made it to the international big screen.