Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Pattinson Also Rises

Okay somehow it's the weekend again! These four-day summer weeks I've got are just flashing by awfully fast. So that's that for this one; we're off until Monday - y'all do yourselves a favor and go see Good Time starring this fellow seen here if you can (and if you're in NYC the Safdies & Rob are doing a whole slew of Q&As for the movie, so google around for those) - here's my review which I just wrote a second ago; I liked the movie quite an awful lot. 

And because this is a thing I am addicted to doing today despite all the other things I should be doing (See Also This Riz Ahmed Post) I ended up collecting way too many photos for this post... but are there really "too many" when beautiful men are involved? Exactly mt thought. So hit the jump for a full twenty more pictures of Astonishing Rob and His Shapely Super Head....


Anonymous said...

Sorry. I just don't see the appeal. I believe he is a decent actor and probably a good person, but have never understood the whole sex appeal thing. Times was pretty unhappy with current movie.

Anonymous said...

Same here. Decent actor but no big deal. Emaciated, pale-looking and in my books, not unattractive at all.