Thursday, August 10, 2017

Riz Ahmed Thirty-One Times

I only intended to share the wondrous news that Riz Ahmed is in talks to join Tom Hardy in the Spider-man spin-off Venom. ("Wondrous" because I love the thought of Riz & Tom together - I could kind of care less about a Venom movie otherwise.) I only intended to say that he is not playing the character Carnage - that he was in talks for that role but then the script got rewritten and now he's playing someone else, as of yet unnamed, but apparently a popular Marvel character to be identified to we plebes in due time. 

I only intended so little! But intentions are assholes and I realized I needed a picture to attach to this news because you know, we have eyeballs, and before you knew it I had gathered up thirty-one (!!!) pictures of Riz (via this Tumblr). It was so easy! And now it's even easier for you because you can hit the jump and there they are...

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