Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Soldiers in Love

We've been telling you to look forward to BBC Two's upcoming two-part miniseries Man in an Orange Shirt, which stars two of our faves - Oliver Jackson-Cohen & Julian Morris - in a multiple generation tale of forbidden love and war and family - were you listening? Are you listening NOW? That picture is of Oliver with the actor James McArdle (who can currently be seen on stage opposite Andrew Garfield and Russell Tovey in Angels in America), who plays his forbidden soldier boyfriend. (via, thanks to Jarett for the heads-up!)

There is also finally now a trailer, since the thing airs on July 31st, and the trailer gifts us with a couple of lovely Brokeback-ish embraces to boot.

The whole thing definitely feels like the prestige BBC version of Brokeback, now that I mention it, but with a flash-forward to the a happier time in the future where it seems that Julian Morris...

... is maybe making a happier gay life for himself
with David Gyasi here. Yes please. Here's the trailer:

Not sure when or if we'll see this here in the US 
yet but I'll keep you tuned in! I mean, obviously.

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David said...

Oh dear. OJC makes my boy-parts tingle.