Thursday, August 17, 2017

Flash Me Them Puppies, Daniel Craig

Alright that's it, another four-day summertime week behind us! I've got tomorrow off and I'm hoping to catch up on some movies I have not seen (since I've been too busy seeing amazing old science-fiction things at MoMA instead of new stuff) this weekend - stuff like Steven Soderbergh's Logan Lucky, out tomorrow, and starring that puppy-pawing dweeb up top. Did this whole week really go by without me making my requisite "If he doesn't wear the speedo again then the Bond movie deserves to flop" comment about Daniel Craig signing on for another double-oh flick? It did, the week did go by without that. 

Anyway I also might try and catch the Annabelle sequel because somehow it seems to have actually gotten good reviews? Anyone seen it? Should I bother, like... really? The first one was so so bad. And then there's The Glass Castle, and Detroit, and Ingrid Goes West, and... dear lord how did I get this far behind??? My MoviePass card needs to get here ASAP.

Happy weekend, everybody.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your long weekend Jason!

Aquinas1220 said...

Given that the original Annabelle was wretched, the sequel only had up to go. So there are some good things in the film, but most of it is pretty standard horror tropes. And I could never really tell what decade it was set in given that in one scene there are characters wearing fashion from the 40's, 50's, 60's AND 70's all at the same time. Research is important kids!!!

Unknown said...

i thought it was very cute.