Tuesday, May 30, 2017

5 Off My Head: Getting Lucky With Logan

Yesterday the poster (see above) and the trailer for Steven Soderbergh's maybe triumphant return to movies called Logan Lucky, which is about a heist at a NASCAR race and which stars Channing Tatum and Adam Driver and Daniel Craig and Sebastian Stan among others, popped up online, and I think it looks terrific! Goofy and colorful and filled with sexy fellas making funny high-pitched voices - what's not to love? Okay I'm slightly worried about all the accents - one goofy accent is fine but multiple ones might be pushing their luck, but we'll see. Here's the trailer:

The Film Experience already gave the trailer the "Yes No Maybe So" treatment so go read that but I wanted to do something a little different... aka I needed an excuse to gif the sexier exploitative shots in the thing. So I give you...

My 5 Favorite Shots in the Logan Lucky trailer

1. Any time Channing Tatum bends over it's a cause for celebration. Chan bending over towards Adam Driver? Doubly so! But I kind of felt like this shot could be improved, so I...

... improved it. I mean the trailer itself went and reminded us that Soderbergh's last movie was Magic Mike so day-dreaming about a gay redneck lap-dance is only natural.

2. Daniel Craig is introduced taint-first, which funny enough is exactly how I would like to meet Daniel Craig in real life.

3. Daniel Craig - whose character is awesomely named "Joe Bang" - then spends the rest of the trailer half-naked, which is also perfectly fine by me. And with that bleached hair he kind of looks like the gay porn version of Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and I am surprised how into it I am.

4. Surprise! This one isn't about ogling actors at all! This one's actually serious and junk! I just think that's a winning and playful shot in the trailer - the guys in front out of focus taking selfies while the helicopters in the back are perfectly clear - that shows we can expect Soderbergh to be having some fun with his camera again. We missed him.

5. Okay back to what counts - 
Sebastian Stan spreading those lips
 of his around something.
I'm sold! How about y'all?
Logan Lucky is out on August 18th.

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