Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Bring on the Jamie Bell

After a way too long break from big screens following the immense belly-flop that was the Fantastic Four movie Jamie Bell has got two movies coming out soon(ish) - there's Six Days, a period hostage drama with Mark Strong, and then there's Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool, which has him romancing Annette Bening, fresh off her triumphant work in last year's 20th Century Women

Before you yell about the age thing realize this is a true story  - in Liverpool (which we just posted the first picture of him in over on the Tumblr) he's playing actor turned memoirist Peter Turner (who was in Derek Jarman's film The Tempest) and she's playing real movie star Gloria Grahame.

That movie is out in November in the UK - no date here in the States yet but I think people are assuming it'll be out in time to put Bening into the awards conversation (which would be lovely after she got ignored for her career-best work last year). And hey maybe Jamie will get some attention too! He's a fine actor when given the opportunity. Hell even when not given it (he's been the best thing in several bad movies over the years).

(pics via, thanks Mac)

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mtmslg said...

I say BRAVO for the pairing of Bening and Bell. Hollywood can't seem to get Jennifer Lawrence an age appropriate leading man (Javier Bardem? Bradley Cooper?) So let the ladies have a shot at robbing the cradle.