Sunday, July 02, 2017

The Fassbender on Fassbender Action We Need

I don't care anymore if this is considered a spoiler for Alien: Covenant or not - if you didn't go to the theater to see Michael Fassbender make out with himself then that's your damn doing. But hey look you can pre-order the blu-ray now! And oh yeah here's my review of the movie (I did not like it) in case you missed it.


Mick said...

I saw a great gay movie on Amazon I think you will like, called "No Night is too Long". The guy who stars in it (Lee Williams) really gives a great Academy Award type performance. I hope you watch it and let me what you think. Also, I binged on "The Fades" yesterday. Thanks it was awesome~~ Was there ever a Season 2?

John Kuehnle said...

I saw no night is too long on Logo a while back, pretty good