Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Oliver Jackson-Cohen Nine Times

A few weeks ago we told you about the upcoming BBC miniseries The Man in the Orange Shirt - which tells the tale of two gay men's experiences in two very different time periods - from the point of view of a photo-shoot with Julian Morris, who stars in the modern-day portion of the series. 

Well now we've got a photo-shoot with Oliver Jackson Cohen, who's gay for the WWII era portion of the series. There's an interview too - read his thoughts on the project here. I'm a little disappointed Olly & Julian's hot asses will be separated by decades, but whatcha gonna do. The Man in the Orange Shirt airs at the end of this month in the UK. Hit the jump for seven more pictures...

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VoenixRising said...

DAY-um! I was wondering what that boy had been up to since his days on Emerald City (where it seemed every episode had some excuse for him to be wandering around shirtless—not that I'm complaining!).