Thursday, July 27, 2017

I Will Keep Coming For You, Billy

Okay this is the third time that the Ingrid Goes West people have suckered me into posting a trailer for their movie by inserting just a little bit more Billy Magnussen footage into each one - see the first one here and see the second one here (it should be understood that what you're actually clicking there are a string of "Billy Magnussen Shirtless" gifs, obviously) and then come back and hit the jump and there will be a few more and oh yeah the actual new red-band (aka more drugs and swearing) trailer they came from too...


And here's a triptych of pics that
Billy just Instagrammed cuz why not... 

1 comment:

Scot said...

Great timing! I'm watching Billy play a make hooker on Law & Order right this minute. He said $50 will get me anything, I'd have paid double!