Thursday, July 13, 2017

5 Off My Head: They Call Him Harrison

As you might already know today's the 75th birthday of the national treasure that is Harrison Ford. I wish I'd realized it earlier (preparation is our friend) but we're winging this - I went through our Harrison Archives and saw five years ago we did a nice big gratuitous post for his 70th birthday, so that's out. But here's something I was surprised to see I hadn't done -- I have never given love to his actual performances! You know, that whole "acting" thing he does. (Not every time, but sometimes.)

Now a list like this is obviously at the outset completely eaten up by his three biggest most iconic roles - and by "iconic" I don't mean for just him; I mean for The Movies. A picture of Harrison Ford in character as Indiana Jones, Han Solo, or Rick Deckard would feel safely ensconced in a representation of The Movies, period. So we're leaving them out!

Here are my 5 favorite performances that aren't those 3...

John Book, Witness
"I'm learning a lot about manure. Very interesting."
Norman Spencer, What Lies Beneath
"It was a passive aggressive masterpiece."
Jack Trainer, Working Girl
"The earth moved. The angels wept.
The Polaroids are, are, uh... are in my other coat."
Dr. Richard Kimble, The Fugitive
"Are you suggesting that I killed my wife? Are you saying that I crushed her skull and that I shot her? How dare you! When I came home, there was a man in my house. I fought with this man. He had a mechanical arm. You find this man. You find this man."
Dr. Richard Walker, Frantic
"No corpse stinks that much after only 12 hours.
Take my word for it."

Weird that three of these are doctors right?
(Four if you count the scientist he plays in Beneath.)
He plays doctors an awful lot - I never noticed that.

What are your favorite Harrison Ford performances?


joel65913 said...

It does make it tougher when you take out Indy but opens the field to some interesting under discussed work of his.

My five:

John Book in Witness
Jack Trainer in Working Girl
Ken Boyd in Heroes
Richard Kimble in The Fugitive
Rusty Sabich in Presumed Innocent

Rebecca said...

Even leaving out the big 3, those are some iconic or pretty close to it performances.

I haven't watched "The Fugitive" or "Working Girl" in about 20 years; haven't watched "What Lies Beneath" since I saw it in theaters; and have never seen "Witness" or "Frantic", but I still feel like I KNOW those characters.

Rick Schoen said...

I have to add Henry Turner in "Regarding Henry."

Aquinas1220 said...

he was great in "The Mosquito Coast"