Friday, July 13, 2012

Good Morning, Gratuitous Harrison Ford


Today's Harry's 70th birthday and I'm sure the fanboys will be out in full force, quoting Soloisms and Indy quips left right front and center. And make no bones about it - I am one of those fanboys full force. ("The penitent man... he kneels before God... KNEEL!!!")

But since I stopped being a boy and started being a man when Evil Indy's sweaty torso was bathed in the evil red glow of EVIL, I figure I'll celebrate Mr. Ford the way he most mattered to me - gratuitously. Hit the jump for a select several dozen. And don't be embarrassed, Harrison...

... you look spectacular in your speedo.

See a little more here and here. Is it for real that the most Harrison's ever gotten naked was those shots of him there at the end in Frantic clutching that teddy bear for dear life in front of his manly business? (I mean seriously, he just got punched in the face, and he manages to keep himself covered?) I couldn't find a single bum shot even. What a prude.

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