Monday, June 05, 2017

I Can Feel it Coming in the Eyre Tonight

Even if I wasn't nuts about Alien: Covenant that doesn't mean I didn't appreciate all the things, like such things as the long opening scene with Michael Fassbender in a skin-tight white body-suit. That was okay! (That behind-the-scenes picture was dropped on Twitter over the weekend.)

But speaking of Michael this week's "Beauty vs Beast" over at The Film Experience is zooming back a couple of years and tackling his 2011 film Jane Eyre, inspired as I was by the movie My Cousin Rachel out this upcoming weekend with all of its gloriously lurid gothic romance. So head over to TFE to vote on that!

Oh and try not to feel too bad for Sam Claflin, you guys.



Mark Alexander said...

Did Michael have to tuck for that scene?

JA said...

"tuck" is putting it mildly -- Michael had that thing strapped up his backside with an elaborate system of pulleys and levers

Alias74 said...

I don't know how Fassbender can walk much less balance and stand still with that MONSTER between his legs.