Monday, June 19, 2017

I Am Link

--- Female Troubles - Sofia Coppola sat down and chatted with John Waters at the Provincetown Film Festival this past weekend and I feel as if my ears should have been ringing because of that? Not because they were talking about me or anything (heaven forbid) but just because of how attuned to my particular frequency such a thing was. Anyway the Hollywood Reporter was on hand to document it and I loved this bit of info we learned about casting for the Colin Farrell role in The Beguiled:

"I spent a long time asking everybody I knew who they thought was the hottest actor. I wanted someone that women and gay men would both love."

--- I Like Dick - Besides a couple of tweets I haven't really said anything about the series I Love Dick (with a title like that!) which binged through a couple of weeks ago - this tweet really sums it up for me. But this here piece at The New Yorker has a lot of interesting points to make about the show. Basically it comes down to Kathryn Hahn can do anything, she is god now.

--- Dougie Fresh - I don't really even want to bring up Twin Peaks today because I haven't watched last night's episode yet - although I have seen lots of people throwing lots of love at last night's particular episode, I am excited to watch it tonight! - but I really adore Matt Zoller Seitz's most recent column on what David Lynch is accomplishing with the purposefully molasses slow pacing so if you're caught up (or if not, there are no spoilers for last night in here) click on over and give 'er a toss.

--- And Speaking of shows I am behind on I haven't been able to watch last night's American Gods finale yet either (my boyfriend was out of town, we got behind!) so shhhh no spoilers. So instead of talking about that let's all go stare at this tour that Variety took of Bryan Fuller & Michael Green's offices and all of the groovy geek shit they contain. But I want to know the story for that delightful couch bear that goes unmentioned.

--- Slow Down - There is a whole lot of fun new-to-me information in Rolling Stone's new Oral History of Radiohead's album OK Computer (thanks Mac) but the best bit was this throwaway wherein I learned that some geeks at Reddit did some super sleuthing and somehow managed to figure out the exact spot where the expressway on the album's cover is. It's in Hartford, Connecticut, and the photo was probably taken from a hotel room window while the band was touring with Alanis Morissette in 1996. Things you never knew you needed to know now known!

--- Chamber Piece - David Gordon Green has been talking about a sleazy no-budget B-movie script he and a friend wrote together while he was hopped up on painkillers for a decade now but it looks like it's finally getting made - It's called One in the Chamber (good title) and Green's not directing it, that friend he co-wrote it with is, but Green's producing. I would say more movies need to come out of painkiller freak-outs but well they all come from that don't they?

--- After Frantz - I hope you all have seen Francois Ozon's latest film Frantz by now - it is very fine; I reviewed it right here. Either way you should head on over to The Film Experience and read Dan Walber's typically sharp look at the film through the prism of its grand gray Production Design. Just like Ozon himself Dan wrings a lot of meaning out of the film's fluctuations between black-and-white and warm color.

--- And Finally hey look it's another tease (via) for the new season of Preacher; unlike last week's full clip this is more of a behind-the-scenes featurette type thing with several little bursts of footage, pointlessly attempting to fill up my bottomless Dominic thirst:

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