Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Nothing So Ridiculously Teenage and Desperate

There have been whispers of something Radiohead related for the past few weeks - some OK-Computer-esque posters have been spied around town here and in London and Amsterdam - and now we know: the band is re-releasing their 1997 masterpiece for its 20th anniversary, and they're pulling out all the stops. It will have three unreleased tracks ("I Promise" and "Man of War" and "Lift" to be specific) and eight b-sides, most of which will already be familiar to anybody who collected every CD single at the time... not naming names. Anyway you can buy a great big fancy limited edition box-set or smaller versions - see them all right here. And on a related note if you missed my great big post where I talked about OK Computer, song by song, click here for it. I am kind of a fan!

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