Monday, May 22, 2017

Do Dump or Marry: Who Gets You Wet

Jason Momoa shared this picture with his Aquaman co-stars Yahya Abdul-Mateen (he's playing Black Manta) and Patrick Wilson (who's playing Orm the Ocean Master) (good grief these names) in support of the Ohana protection project (read about that here) and we feel as if it marks the perfect moment, seeing all three of them pictured there it seems the right time to Do Dump & Marry them.

Tell us in the comments who you'd Do, Dump and Marry.
You can see more of Patrick here and more of Jason here 
and here's another shot of Yahya since he's new to us:

This is quite the man cast.
But wait! There's more...

Patrick was snapped by the paps this past weekend running around Sydney (where Aquaman's now shooting) top fully doffed (thanks Mac) and if you hit the jump you can see several more pictures worth seeing of this sort...


Anonymous said...

Patrick Wilson is my dream man.

joel65913 said...

Dump-Jason-too much hair, too much muscle just too much

Anonymous said...

Do Jason (muscles!)
Marry Patrick (a REAL man's bod)
Dump Yahya (too horse-face like Jake)

creamycamper said...

Do - Jason (if I have to)
Dump - Yahya
Marry - Patrick (and do over and over again)

par3182 said...

do: jason

if i survive that

marry: yahya [what a great name...and everything else]

dump: patrick [what...?]