Monday, May 01, 2017

Ashley Bell is Ringing

Have we got any fans of Ashley Bell in the house? The actress is still making a name for herself but I know I've got horror fans here at MNPP and she's already made a name for herself in that genre - she wowed with her bedeviled pyrotechnics in The Last Exorcism movie in 2010, and I thought last year's Carnage Park was a surprisingly solid thriller and that got some good critical attention. 

Anyway she's re-teamed with Carnage's writer-director Mickey Keating, who's also been making a name for himself in genre fare, for this year's Psychopaths, which premiered at Tribeca and which I reviewed over at The Film Experience over the weekend. And she is absolutely fantastic in the film. The best thing by far once again. It's a high-wire act of a performance - she's playing a multiple-personality maniac whose personalities all seem to live on a John Waters plane of existence - and you can't take your eyes off of her. And Keating couldn't either - sometimes his camera just stares and stares at her in close-up going gangbusters, and she nails it. I sure hope people are paying attention!

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