Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Superhero Surfer

I contemplated making this post a "Fanboy Delusion" post but I honestly think I have maybe used up all of the dirty puns for surfing that there are or will ever be, and most of them on pictures of Chris Hemsworth "waxing his long board" or "riding that swell" or so on.

So until some new surfer slang is invented I'm just going to have to say here, here are these new pictures of Chris Hemsworth being hot at the beach while occasionally holding onto a surf board. And also, here is a surfing term that I am just going to put here for you to have in your head while you look at the pictures:

"Snowball – When a another surfer paddles for a wave that is already being ridden - snowballing will make the wave break quicker than it naturally would have making the up and riding surfers wave shorter/close out."

I'll snowball you any time, Chris.
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