Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Charlie Hunnam Twelve Times

I don't know if I can underscore enthusiastically enough just how much I hate how Charlie is styled in this new photo-shoot he did for Da Man magazine (thanks Mac) - these clothes are terrible, just terrible clothes. Suede jackets and gold chains and paisley shirts? Ugh! If it wasn't Charlie Hunnam's beautiful face staring at me from atop these abominations I might've instinctually thrown hydrochloric acid in their general direction.

I thought about not posting them at all, but then I stumbled upon a deleted scene from the original Queer as Folk that I had never seen before, which I just giffed over on the Tumblr...

... and this seemed like a good excuse to point you in that direction. But hey maybe you like suede jackets and gold chains and paisley shirts, whom am I to judge (I am totally judging) so hit the jump for nine more pictures...

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