Thursday, April 20, 2017

Quote of the Day

You don't interview Mink Stole without the interview turning out to be a delight and this new chat with the actress, on the occasion of the fancy blu-ray release of Serial Mom (out on May 9th, buy your copy right here!) is sure enough a delight -- so much so I had my pick of several quotes to share, but I liked this one about the John Waters School of Acting because of the sly emphasis I could hear be put onto the word "talented" there at the end:

"We were all on a learning curve. With Multiple Maniacs, I was encouraged to do every scene in very broad strokes, and that was the same with a lot of the earlier films. Very broad strokes are what we were all working within. With Serial Mom, John was telling me to tone it down, which was new to me. Even as recently as Hairspray, he hadn’t brought up subtlety or nuance at all. We were just loud all the time. It was a whole new way of acting for me. But John had learned a great deal, and I had learned a great deal. And God knows, Kathleen [Turner] was experienced, and Sam [Waterson] was experienced, so they knew exactly how to behave on film. I’m not going to say they were more “talented”, but they were certainly people who knew how to come in and do the work. It was a pleasure to work with them."

Read the whole interview right here.
ETA Oh and here's an interview with John Waters
 in the New York Times. I'm reading it right now.

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