Thursday, April 20, 2017

C'mon Billy

The title of that PJ Harvey song takes on A WHOLE DIFFERENT MEANING when spoken in reference to Billy Magnussen, eh? Ehhhhhhh. Anyway have I mentioned how much I hate Instagram Stories? The quick disappearance of our hottest narcissists' fleeting whims is the worst thing to happen in the history of mankind. If I hadn't happened on Instagram around the time Billy Magnussen posted a video of himself goofing around half-naked last night we wouldn't have these delightful images to enjoy at all. 

I wasn't able to save the video (is there a way?) but I did grab these snapshots, thankfully. And just in time for Billy's 32nd birthday too! But Billy was kind enough to share a shirtless video that sticks with us today...
... so it's not all DOOM AND GLOOM. 
Happy birthday, Billy! Hit the jump for more...

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Anonymous said...

Meaty and Beefy... like a nice stew.