Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Omid Abtahi Seven Times

I attended a Q&A with the cast and creators of American Gods last night here in NYC -- you can see a picture of Neil Gaiman & Bryan Fuller & Ricky Whittle and several more folks on my Instagram right here. It's been over a decade, at least, since I read Gaiman's book and I decided not to re-read it before the show premieres on April 30th - just to let the show take me on its own journey - so I don't recall the story of Salim in the book, but it came up during the Q&A and there was a whole lot of talk of hot gay sex and CG erections, and so we're pretty psyched that Omid here (who we've had a crush on for a long time) is the one playing Salim. In 2006 on the show Sleeper Cell Omid already gave us a couple of the hottest gay sex scenes ever put on a television screen (one of which is surprisingly up on YouTube -- don't miss it!) so we're not worried about him going for it. Hit the jump for a few more pictures...

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Unknown said...

Aaaand that YouTube is nuked.