Monday, April 03, 2017

Have Any of You Seen...

... Paul Newman's 1957 movie Until They Sail with Jean Simmons? I was looking up pictures of Paul last night, as one does every so often, you know, to keep your hand in the cookie jar, when I stumbled upon these two promotional shots for the movie that seem, by the standards of 1957 at least, basically obscene. 

So I'm of course curious if it carries any of this heat 
over to the finished product, or not. 
And how great is the poster's tagline? 

Love Love Love it.

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joel65913 said...

I have seen the film and it's a strange little beast. Nothing matches those publicity shots-it was the 50's after all-Jean and Paul play it very low-key but are both exquisitely beautiful and look amazing together. The one with the real lowdown story is Piper Laurie as one of Jean's sisters....the one with hot pants.

What makes it fascinating is that Jean (26 at the time) and Piper's (24) other sisters are played by Joan Fontaine (40) and Sandra Dee (15!). Their parents are nowhere in sight, probably because it would have been impossible to find actors who would make believable sires of this eclectic brood!

No masterpiece but any film with that cast is worth catching.