Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Halt Some More

I almost don't want to admit this because it makes me out to be a flop of a fan, but at least I drag my boyfriend down with me while I'm at it since he was right there in cluelessness beside me -- we were talking about Halt and Catch Fire the other day (after seeing Scoot in the latest delectable trailer for Fargo) and we couldn't remember if it was coming back, or if it had finished its run, or even how its last season had ended for that matter. (I remember Mackenzie Davis had brown hair?) The shame!

But at least our amnesia lends itself to the sort of happiness an amnesiac must feel when they find out happy things for the 50th time in a row...
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... because there you see the show just started filming this week. So yes, Halt and Catch Fire is returning for one final season later this year. And okay yes I even wrote up a big happy post about this news back in October, but no matter. No matter I say. We're just focusing on the good. Cut to me and my boyfriend all...

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