Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Scooting Towards Oblivion

Since I was too busy seeing Blonde Redhead head-bang in god's palace last evening I have yet to watch the third season finale of Halt and Catch Fire, so nobody say nothin' here 'bout nothin'! At least not until tomorrow - I will view the episode tonight. 

But this moment of pause should not keep us from celebrating the fantastic news that the show, despite terrible ratings because you are all terrible people with terrible priorities, has gotten renewed! It will have a fourth, and yes final, season! Honestly I'm shocked we've gotten four years so I refuse to cry - I'll just be glad for all we got. This terrific piece at Vox (thx Mac) sums it up nicely:

"Ultimately, what has made Halt and Catch Fire stand out, and what will hopefully make it stand out in the final season yet to come, is the show’s dedication to telling stories about human connection. It takes place on the cusp of the internet, and the closer it gets to the arrival of the wired world we live in today, the more comfortable it seems with exploring both the beauty and the terror of how our machines have turned us into one giant global hivemind."

In Halt-adjacent news the movie Always Shine, which stars Mackenzie Davis (who won Best Actress at the fest) and Masters of Sex actress Caitlin FitzGerald, has just gotten a release date! I saw the film in the spring at the Tribeca Film Festival and I praised it highly - I've actually been dying to see it a second time ever since; it definitely feels like a film that will reward revisits. Anyway the movie is hitting screens on December 2nd - you should keep an eye out for it! And when there is a trailer I will share it.

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