Friday, April 07, 2017

Good Morning, World

Fifty Shades Darker is out on blu-ray in a couple of weeks - they say it's the "Unrated Edition" so we'l keep our eyes peeled but we have a feeling that sadly doesn't translate to "Jamie Dornan has an erection sticking out of his suit pants in every single scene." But who knows! Weirder things have happened. (Okay okay, that would be pretty weird.) Until then here's a quick pair of semi-nudie gifs to keep us semi-sated. (Although you might want to click on this link to the pictures from the first film, as well.)


Pierce said...

I went to see What We Do in the Shadows at a small multiplex, and 50 Shades of Gray was playing in another theater. I went in for about a minute and there was no one in the theater. After that marvelous Vampire movie, I stopped in to 50 Shades again, and it was a new showing, but once again, there was no one in the theater. I asked why they were wasting the electricity if no one was there to see the movie, and all the manager said was "One more day!" They couldn't wait to get rid of it.

I got it from the library when it was on the shelf. I tried to read the book, but it was badly written. I couldn't get through the movie, mostly because Dakota Johnson falls into that category of talking head actresses, who don't know how to act so they're not at all convincing. I doubt I'll waste time on 50 Shades Darker. It made the author rich, but really? When you can see bondage porn for free online, why bother with this crap?

fuckyeahjamiedornan said...

Shit movie, but any reason to stare at Jamie Dornan for two hours is a good reason. 👍

Mattia Nuzzo said...

He's looking beefier in these GIFs.

Michael Scot said...

I thought Dakota Johnson was rather charming given the limited material she was given to work with. Jamie Dornan was pretty wooden however.