Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Justin Theroux Meat Parade

Every time somebody puts a microphone in front of Justin Theroux he ends up going on and on about what a goof it was when he showed us his religion via an obscenely tailored pair of sweatpants in the first season of The Leftovers - "Who, meeee? Why I'd never!" And then every year the advertising for the show treats him (much to my approval, mind you) like a sweaty slab of beef made expressly for flicking our anxious tongues up and down and over, into every spectacular nook and crevice. I am starting to think, stop me if I'm being crazy here, that he might not actually mind the attention. He might even, heavens to Betsy, endorse such an attitude. Crazy, I know! You never can tell with these "actor" types. They sometimes seem to have egos on them! Who knew! Here's a new trailer:


Mark Alexander said...

I left this comment on his Instagram for that particular image: "Will you be in those grey sweatpants at any point again? Asking for a friend... 😉"

Anonymous said...

She must be a good actress, I could probably not maintain such a morose/disengaged expression while touching Justin Theroux's chest.