Thursday, March 30, 2017

King Hunnam & The Beastly Beckham

A few new stills (including that wondrously porny one above) from Charlie's King Arthur movie with Guy Ritchie at the helm have been released (via) -- don't you kind of feel as if this movie already came out? But it hasn't! It doesn't come out until mid-May, apparently. 

If they say so. I swear I saw it in the discount bin beside the registers at the drugstore, but sure. (Jesus I'm an asshole - Charlie's never going to whisk me away to Italy for a whirlwind boink-fest with all this sass getting in the way.)

In related (and much much more unattractive) news David Beckham, as you may know, has a small role in the movie, and he shared a picture of his make-up for it on his Instagram. It's a lot of look!
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