Friday, March 31, 2017

Good Morning, World

Beloved actor slash exhibitionist Ewan McGregor is turning 46 today, and so here's the shot of him flashing his goods in the opening credits of 1996's Brassed Off - remember what a laugh we used to have about how "If it's an Ewan McGregor movie, he'll be exposing himself!" I miss those days. I haven't seen Trainspotting 2 yet and I know he does a naked run in the distance at least in that but I feel like it's been awhile since me and Ewan Jr. been intimately acquainted. Ewan, I miss your junk! Does FX do junk? Let's have some Fargo junk! Yer darn tootin!

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Pixie said...

Just thinking about this scene. Thanks for posting.