Thursday, March 23, 2017

I'll Take One Happy End, Please

If they were to ever make a movie about Michael Haneke it just struck me that Matthieu Kassovitz - the director and actor who is acting in Haneke's next film Happy End - could probably play him. Haneke is all gray beard and moppet hair anyway; he'd be easy to fake once you piled all that stuff on over a black turtleneck. Voila Insta-Haneke!

Aanyway here on the occasion of Haneke's 75th birthday - Happy birthday, dude! - I figured I'd check and see if we had any idea how long we were going to be waiting for Happy End, and IMDb actually has a couple of Euro release dates now -- it's coming out in Germany and France in mid-October. So I imagine we'll be getting it in awards season here too? I daren't dream it'll play NYFF... daren't I? October is perfect timing. I dare, I dare to dream!!!

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