Friday, March 24, 2017

Good Morning, World

This kid's grandpop Steve McQueen (the first!) was born on this day in 1930, but when I went looking for pictures of grand-dad it was Steven R. McQueen, who you see here, who kept popping up. And I figured hey I have posted a lot of Original McQueen in the past (click here for the best batch) so let's exploit his grand-kid a minute. Weirdly I never have? He's been bouncing around on shit shows like The Vampire Diaries and Chicago Fire for a good decade now; you'd think I'd have found an excuse. 

Having never seen him act I cannot speak to that but just on a purely visual basis he does not speak to me the way his grandfather continues to do going on 40 years in the grave (there's something indefinably bland going on) but your mileage perhaps (probably) will vary. Hit the jump for a dozen or so pictures I just snatched up on a quick jaunt google-ward...

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Paul Outlaw said...

He was pretty bad on The Vampire Diaries in the early seasons when the show itself was pretty good, but he was pretty and it was fun to watch his body expand. Haven't seen his work since he "moved to Chicago." Bland is a good word for his generic teen heartthrob looks, but that physique...ohmygodohmygod.