Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Float, Motherfuckers

Holy balloons! 
This is a good trailer! 

I've been as skeptical as skeptical can be about this new adaptation of Stephen King's It - I liked Mama well enough so it wasn't anything against director Andy Muschietti but I did not like the first glimpse we got of Pennywise's clown look and my expectations kind of spiraled downward after that. I mean if you get Pennywise wrong how could you ever recover, especially when Tim Curry's performance in the old TV version was the only thing that really truly worked, but oh how it worked. But the glimpses we get of Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise here are creepy, somehow. And the kids look good. Somebody hand me my floppy shoes - I'm back in, everybody!


Brandon King said...

Read "It" my freshman year of high school... couldn't fall asleep without first looking under my bed for about a month. Loved Loved Loved

Hated Hated Hated the movie/mini-series messes they did in the 90s. I do agree Tim Curry was excellent as Pennywise.

I think I'm in, too. I hope they get this one right.

jim said...

This looks SO GOOD! Can't wait!!!

And I agree with Brandon, the movie/mini-series the did int he 90's stunk, but Tim Curry was an excellent Pennywise!

JA said...

I liked a couple of the kids in the 1990 version. (I have warm feelings towards Emily Perkins, who played Young Bev for instance.) And some of the scares, even besides Tim Curry, were good.

But the adult cast was a nightmare, and then that gigantic spider thing? Ugh.

So if they can improve everything else, they're golden. They cannot improve Tim Curry, but that doesn't mean they can't find their own thing that works.

Also I hope they avoid some of the groan-worthy elements in the book -- Just Say No to Beverly's Friendly Gangbang, for instance.

Of course if they want to keep some of the gay stuff (bully circle jerks!) well, the gay stuff in It was kind of integral to my... you know, maturing.

Aquinas1220 said...

Agreed with what's already been said. I never understood the love people have for the original miniseries (with the exception of Tim Curry) since I found it so silly. Even the novel had some really bad writing (King is better at plot than actual writing sometimes). Still, the trailer is really well done.