Friday, February 17, 2017

Sick Boys

Are we all going to go see A Cure For Wellness this weekend? I plan to, although I haven't figured out just when as of yet. (PS this is a three-day weekend, so we'll be back on Tuesday.) I was not the biggest fan of what director Gore Verbinski did with The Ring (I'm one of those hipster snobs who prefers the original Japanese version) but I'm looking forward to Wellness all the same - I really dig the freaky stylish trailers for it; they remind me of the best bits of the 1999 House on Haunted Hill remake (which is so much better than it has any right being). Anyway did I really never see this photo-shoot of Dane DeHaan did for Interview Magazine in 2014? It's typical Steven Klein greasy whore stuff but the look works for Dane - it's maybe the best he's ever looked. Hit the jump for a couple more, and if you see A Cure For Wellness this weekend let me know what you thought in the comments...


Bendt Mørch said...

You're. So. Lucky!

Premiere in GERMany (c what I did here?) is next week and what I've read of it, and spoilerfree reviews, it's... I cannot wait, is what I'm saying. Can. Not.

Anonymous said...

Saw it today, and was enthralled for most of it. It's good, if a bit long -- I was getting weirdness fatigue -- but I was never bored, and I didn't have that sense of being played for a sucker as I do with so many contemporary horror movies. Good performances, too. The girl, Mia Goth, is especially interesting.