Monday, February 13, 2017

I Am Link

--- The King of Baltimore - This is one of those articles that would've gotten a "Quote of the Day" post all to themselves if the entire damn thing wasn't a "Quote of the Day" from start to finish - point being you need to go read this new interview with John Waters at The Guardian where he talks about the new age of anarchy upon us and also gives a how to, against his dead mother's wishes, on shooting up acid, which yes is real thing people do apparently. At 70 years old this man remains my primary inspiration for life.

--- Family Matters - At The Film Experience Jose got to chat with the real-life mother-son duo who inspired the movie Lion, which stars Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel as them, and they both seem to acknowledge the full grooviness of such a thing happening. I would let Dev Patel play me, if he wanted to. Heck I would also let Nicole Kidman play me, actually. Even better! Anyway have you guys seen Lion yet? See it! It's lovely.

--- Eight Exciting Hours - You should have seen me running around my apartment squealing with delight reading this news - Rainer Werner Fassbinder's 1972 television series Eight Hours Are Not a Day has been restored! I guess it's playing Berlinale this week, and (one presumes) it will move outwards, presumably in our general direction, after that. New (old) Fassbinder to see! Hooray! The series is 5 episodes and 8 hours long (hence the title), so I suppose sitting through it in a festival situation will be taxing, but I'm up to the challenge. (thx Mac)

--- Everything's Coming Up Thandie - If you'd told me a year ago that I'd be happy to see the name "Thandie Newton" attached to anything I'd have come over there and smacked you in the goddamned face. But then Westworld happened and now it's all up in the air! I'm hesitant to go all in, because Westworld could just be the perfect meeting of actress and role and it's entirely possible she'll go back to being godawful like everything pre-Westworld. But that I'm willing to give her a chance is a damned miracle. Anyway I just read she's probably going to be in the Young Han Solo movie opposite Alden Ehrenreich, and mixed in with that news was word she's currently filming Xavier Dolan's movie with Kit Harington too. And I am not angry! A damned miracle.

--- And Speaking of actors I didn't like awhile back that are now in my good graces... it's awfully hard to believe I once didn't like Oscar Isaac, but it's true... Oscar has signed on to make a WWII thriller called The Garbo Network which is based on a true story about "an eccentric double-agent with no military or covert training" who made up a gigantic spy ring out of thin air and convinced two governments to play along. Sounds like a fascinating story.

--- Trilogy of Terror - We heard last week the crazy-pants news that David Gordon Green and Danny McBride had gotten their hands on the chance to make a new Halloween movie - some more details have emerged on what their plans are: McBride says that the movie will, in the grand tradition of things lately, not be a remake but will follow the events of the first two (good) movies. Not to knock the third Halloween, which I adore, but which has no connection to the Michael Myers story at all.

--- And Finally I have posted a couple times on The Ottoman Lieutenant, the upcoming WWI period romance starring Michiel Huisman and Josh Hartnett and blah blah unfortunately some lady in between them - see here and see here. Well now there's a trailer, and it involves a whole lot of Michiel Huisman and his gorgeous mane of hair swanning around in a gorgeous military uniform on horseback, so you probably should watch it.



Anonymous said...

Hey, I've noticed you have not yet posted any of your thoughts (if any!) on Elizabeth Debicki joining the cast of Steve McQueen's next film, Widows.

JA said...

Oooh I missed that! Thanks for sharing, anon, it's wonderful news - Elizabeth Debicki should be in everything. Ever since I saw her steal the spotlight from CATE BLANCHETT AND ISABELLE HUPPERT on stage in The Maids I knew she's bound for greatness