Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Pics of the Day

I started this morning with a sexy shot from Michiel Huisman's Instagram account and now I'm following it up with a story that references his Instagram account, so basically what I said in another post - about Instagram being everything - is quite ripe right this second. Anyway back in October we posted some behind-the-scenes pictures of Michiel looking really very dashing (as if he couldn't) in a vintage military uniform...

... on the set of a movie (from the director of Sleeping With the Enemy!!!) called The Ottoman Lieutenant, which co-stars Josh Hartnett, and is about a love triangle (and yes I am hoping it's got a gay angle -- look how they look at each other! -- but I know not to hold my breath) set against the backdrop of WWI. Now we have official pictures! The film has an Instagram account (because what was I just saying) and you can see some more over here.

The film's set to come out next year. I hope it's sweeping, and romantic, and totally queer as fuck. We've seen the woman caught between two men thing like a thousand times before -- shake it up, movie people! (Still - no, not holding breath.)

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