Wednesday, February 01, 2017

All Glory Be To Ben

If we can only have one Buffy actor around I suppose we could do worse than it being the currently most fuckable of the bunch -- Charlie Weber's doing pretty well for himself on The Viola Davis Show or whatever it is called, and looking even better in this new photo-shoot for Schon magazine -- click here if you'd like to read the interview; they actually ask him about Buffy, too!

Charlie's also recently starred in Jarhead 3 - I do love that Jarhead of all things has become a straight-to-whatever franchise - I tried to watch the second movie once but without Jake Gyllenhaal wearing a Santa Hat g-string it was just another military movie. Maybe they learned their lesson and Charlie dusted off the g?

Dare to dream. Until then 
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jim said...

I had no idea Ben used to be on Buffy! I'll have to look that up. He certainly makes that Viola Davis show worth watching though! Awesome BODY of work Ben!