Friday, February 24, 2017

10 Off My Head: Best Picture Ranked

I feel as if I have to say something, anything, about the Oscars since they are this weekend and I do present myself as a movie-lover. Of course one could argue that truly loving the movies makes loving or even liking the Oscars at best a sadistic enterprise and at worst an abominable hypocrisy, but... well let's not argue either of those things just for today. Instead I see some people on the Twitter ranking the Best Picture nominees from best to worst as they individually see it, and I figure I can do that much at least.  I mean I only actually like four of the movies nominated, but let's try anyway! Positivity, ho!

2017 Best Picture Nominees, 
Ranked Top To Bottom, Says Me

1. Moonlight 
2. Arrival (review)
3. Manchester By The Sea (review)
4. Lion (review)
5. La La Land (review)
6. Hidden Figures
7. Hell or High Water (review)
8. Fences (review)
9. Hacksaw Ridge (review)

No surprise that Mel Gibson made the perfect "Bottom." Aaaanyway no I don't understand why I never reviewed Moonlight either. That's very strange! I have seen it two or three times now and it's beautiful and moving cinema. It isn't my favorite movie of 2016 (in fact there are at least two movies that would rank higher if I'd ever get around to making such lists again) but it's up there. 

The other movie I didn't review is Hidden Figures, which is mostly harmless mainstream pablum that nevertheless did inspire a pair of choice tweets from me that get across my feelings about it...

So what does your list look like?
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Joel said...

I've only seen five of them but they would rank:

1. Moonlight
2. Manchester By The Sea
3. Arrival
4. Hidden Fences
5. Blah Blah Land

Astroboymn said...

Jason, I love your hilarious review of Hacksaw Ridge. Only Mel Gibson could make the otherwise excellent Rachel Griffiths actually give a terrible performance. Goddamn, is he ever crazy.

1. Moonlight (the only one of these I really loved)
2. Manchester
3. Fences
4. Lion
5. Hell or High Water
6. Arrival
7. La La
8. Hidden Figures (could have been so much better)
9. Hacksaw

Kevin Costner said...

"4. Hidden Fences"

Really, Joel?

Joel said...

Oh God! ! I'm both laughing hysterically and dying of embarrassment.

Aquinas1220 said...

Of the ones I've seen

1. Moonlight
2. Arrival
3. Manchester
4. LaLa Land (SO over-rated)

barryearle said...

Hidden Figures. I laughed, I cried, I cheered. I had a great time. Everything a film should be. And it reclaimed a story from American History that I'm sure very few people knew. It might not be great "art"--whatever that is--or innovative. But it sure worked for me. My vote for the Best American Film of the Year.

Anonymous said...

1. Moonlight
2. Arrival
3. La La Land
4. Manchester by the Sea
5. Hidden Figures
6. Lion
7. Fences
8. Hell or High Water

Haven't seen: Hacksaw Ridge