Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pic of the Day

EW has got our first look at Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis and Jessica Lange as Joan Crawford in Ryan Murphy's upcoming series Feud on their new cover! This comes hot on the heels of that original promotional image earlier this week. I assume there will be more shortly from the series, and if it's extremely shortly (like before the end of the day) I'll just update this post with it but for now you can click over to EW for a little bit more. (thx Mac)


Pierce said...

Sarandon looks more like Tallulah Bankhead in this pic. Lange doesn't really resemble Crawford either. It will be as much of a hoot as that thing with Elizabeth Taylor as Louella Parsons and Jane Alexander as Hedda Hopper was.

joel65913 said...

I'm a bit surprised by my reaction to this. I've been thinking since I read about the project that Sarandon was spot on as Bette and Jessica an acceptable Joan but that her look would be a bit off, however from this picture it's Sarandon who isn't quite right.

I think it's the hair, Bette was well into her Dutch Boy cut by now and this harkens back to Margo Channing a full decade earlier whereas Lange has Joan's upswept BIG hair and the set of her face signals 60's Crawford, Sarandon looks like a glum Sarandon. Hopefully the next snap will be a trifle closer to the right attitude.