Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Pic of the Day

FX dropped this promotional image for Ryan Murphy's show Feud on Facebook yesterday (thanks for the heads-up Henry) -- that is of course a recreation from the final scene of the movie What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?, which is where the main showdown between actresses Bette Davis and Joan Crawford took place on-screen and off, and which actresses Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange will recreate for our amusement very soon. 

The show premieres in March so that only gives you a month and a half to order your copy of the tremendously entertainingly trashy book that this was loosely based upon and read it - believe me, it will take the book longer to get to your house than it will take you to read it. And now watch a master at work, gentlemen...

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Bill Carter said...

A few days before the holiday, I gave a copy of “Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud” to a friend for Christmas the year it was published. He took the wrapped package and could tell it was a book. Clearly disappointed, he said, "But...I don't read books."

He called me around 8PM on Christmas, to tell me that he'd opened the present that morning, and he'd been reading it ever since.

Shaun Considine, the author of the wonderful “Bette and Joan”, died a couple of years ago. Before his death, he was involved (as the intended victim) in one of the most bizarre criminal episodes I've ever heard of.