Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Good Morning, World

A happy 48th birthday to wrestler turned actor Dave Bautista today - did you know he's half-Filipino? I did not. Anyway what I learned this morning is you should never read the IMDb biography of someone who's in the WWE because it will be paragraphs upon paragraphs of like accomplishments like:

"In 2009, Batista shocked the world when he blamed Rey Mysterio for a loss to Undertaker, then attacked his former tag team partner."

Indeed, the world was shocked! Shocked I say! I remember the day well. I was walking to my office and there were all these people standing in the streets crying, pointing towards Lower Manhattan... oh wait, that was something else. Nevermind. ANYWAY I liked Dave in the Guardians movie a lot and not just because the red alien make-up somehow makes him cuddly.

He and Chris Pratt have great chemistry and I hope we get a lot more of it in the sequel - thankfully judging by the trailer they released they know this, and will be giving it to us. So a happy birthday to him today and here's a picture of him and Daniel Craig behind the scenes of Spectre giving us some firm, elaborate ideas...

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