Friday, January 06, 2017

Joel's Got Your Globes Right Here

I feel as if I ought to set us out onto this Golden Globes weekend (why does that phrase make me immediately picture a Viking funeral?) with some prognostications for the winners or something of that sort, but I really had no idea that the awards were even on this weekend until last night. Thankfully I hadn't made plans for Sunday so you can bet I'll be doing whatever the Twitter equivalent of "drunken slurring" is (it is also called "drunken slurring") so follow me on Twitter for that fun. 

But please if you want to tell me who you're rooting for in the comments, do! If you did that would actually totally help me figure out who to give a shit about (besides COLIN FARRELL IN THE LOBSTER, obviously) because I tried going through the list of nominees today and my eyes rolled back into my head so far I am still ogling brains. Let's hope that whatever happens Joel Egderton & Chris Pine are seated close to one another because they really like to touch each other, you guys...

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