Friday, January 06, 2017

Hang Loose, Gyllenhaal

My guess is we're down to slim-pickins at this point and we won't suddenly get a bunch of shots of Jake pulling an Orlando Bloom (not that I'll stop praying to all the devils in hell for such a thing) but IHJM just shared some more shots from the great big enormous batch that we shared earlier this week, and so obviously we must follow suit. Suit! Like a bathing suit!

Christ I'm clever. Anyway have I told you how much I hate that woman in the background? Who the hell does she think she is?!?!? You know those moments in The Matrix movies where a random person on the street would suddenly morph into Hugo Weaving as he took over their body? That's what I want to do with her. She's got it coming, stealing my view! Okay I am just talking now - hit the jump for another dozen or so shots, mostly of Jake laying on a board with an extra adorably doofy look on his face...



Anonymous said...

He is a great movie actor.

1971 said...

Those black/yellow suit is hideous and to big! Something a la Daniel Craig would suit Jake better

1971 said...
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