Monday, January 23, 2017

Good Morning, World

The actor Randolph Scott was born on this day 119 years ago (that comes out to the year 1898, in case you're math impaired) -- Mr. Scott had plenty of career on his own but he's probably most often thought of as Mr. Cary Grant these days, and for good reason.

It's a thought worth thinking. They'd have been the Brad and Angelina of their day, if they'd been able to. We've posted some of the pictures of the two of them cavorting before - click here for those. Homo History did a good job recapping their long relationship right here - the two were married several times to women (most likely entirely for publicity's sake but who knows) but they always came back to each other. Anyway this morning we're gonna focus in on the one movie they made together...

... the delightful 1940 comedy My Favorite Wife with Irene Dunne. Love this passage about the making of the movie from the just linked recap of their love affair:

"... the script supervisor Bert Granet for My Favorite Wife recalled Cary and Randolph's unusual behavior on set: “We shot the pool sequence at the Huntington Hotel in Pasadena. Cary and Randy Scott arrived as a pair and, to the total astonishment of myself, the director, and the ultra-macho crew, instead of taking separate suites moved into the same room together. Everyone looked at everyone else. It seemed hardly believable.”"

And as per usual with Grant everybody on set being in on his "little secret" led to the movie blaring his gayness in the audience's face while totally getting away with nobody in the audience getting that in the slightest.

(Well a few members of the audience would have, but a select few.) That's how the movie introduces the two - with Cary practically doing a Tex Avery wolf-whistle while watching Randolph flop around in his itty bitty shorts. And the very next scene we get a Great Moment In Movie Shelves out of it!

Cary just can't get that fella out of his head.We've all been there, dude. Anyway somebody was kind enough to cut all of their scenes together right here but you really should see My Favorite Wife if you haven't - it is very funny and Irene Dunne, as usual, is the best. Happy birthday, Randolph! I know there's not an afterlife but it's still a nice thought thinking of you and Cary forever swinging together all the same...


Brandon said...

Actually, they were in another movie together, pre-fame, called Hot Saturday. Despite the promising title, if I remember correctly, they don't share any scenes together, so obviously My Favorite Wife is much, much, much more important.

JA said...

I had read that they met on the set of that movie Hot Saturday, but then I saw somewhere else that MFW was the only movie they'd starred in together, so I guess I just got my wires crossed. Thanks, Brandon! :)