Friday, December 02, 2016

Pic of the Day

Right after I posted our previous post wishing East of Eden actress Julie Harris a happy birthday alongside a bunch of pictures of James Dean and Richard Davalos being hot n' homoerotic around her I stumbled across the above picture of the two being even gayer than all that. (click to embiggen) I mean, that flute! The shot is apparently from a scene cut from East of Eden because it went too far with the gay innuendo and, well, duh. 

And I imagine it goes alongside the screen-test video we posted back in March of the two actors wrestling in bed -- click here to see all that blessed monkey business. And now I feel like watching East of Eden again! Oh and click over to the Tumblr where I just posted a few pictures of these two not seen here, because they were quite the pair off-screen as well.

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