Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Patrick Wilson's About To Get Real Wet

Thank goodness for James Wan and his Patrick Wilson fetish, because without it we wouldn't get half the Patrick Wilson we get in the world - the Conjuring and Insidious director is going blockbuster next with the Aquaman movie starring Jason Momoa, and he's just cast Patrick as the film's villain. Or one of the villains - who even knows, these movies have thirty villains. Anyway PW's playing ORM aka Ocean Master aka Aquaman's half-brother, which is... interesting. Momoa and Wilson look about as brother-like as... well Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth do, actually. But in weirdly connected news...

... just as I was reading this Aquaman news last night I saw that Patrick Wilson's wife, actress Dagmara Dominczyk, had tweeted out a new entry in her blog, and it reminded me I needed to share an old entry in her blog, or part of it anyway. Dagmara has a connection to one of her husband's upcoming DC universe superhero co-stars - she starred opposite Superman himself Henry Cavill in 2002's The Count of Monte Cristo, and in July of this year she shared a picture from the set with an amusing anecdote:

"Here is me, and young Henry, in some pub in Dublin, Grafton Street, and I am drunk, pretty, cheeky. And so happy. He told me he wanted to be “famous” one day, and me, I laughed and petted the top of his head. Silly boy. “Famous” wasn’t a real word anyway. "

I love  the thought of dreamy young Henry Cavill wistfully wishing for stardom -- I can't be the only one who hears Dawn Davenport applying to get into the Lipstick Beauty Salon...

"I'm a thief and a shit-kicker 
and uh, I'd like to be famous."

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