Thursday, December 01, 2016

Milo Ventimiglia Six Times

No offense to my mother but when I was talking to her on the phone the other night she told me how much she was liking the TV show This is Us and that's when I knew I would not like the TV show This is Us. I mean I had suspected as much - I had heard that they hadn't gotten Milo naked again after the premiere showcased his butt to much fanfare - but this pretty much cements the deal. What was funniest about this conversation with my mother though was I found out she is a HUGE Justin Hartley fan, which, well, who knew such things existed? I guess there's one! 

As a Milo-related aside, here's a video of him kissing Jared Padalecki that is kind of adorable. Okay anyway these photographs are from the latest issue of Interview Magazine (yes the same one with sexy trashy Adam Driver splashed all over it) and if you hit the jump I will share the remaining five stache-ariffic shots...


Ryan T. said...

No nakedness, but a whole episode featured him shirtless since they were all at the pool. Just saying.

guitreehill said...

The show is actually pretty great. The promos are very cheesy but the writing is amazing and I'm enjoying it. Plus, Justin Hartley is doing a great job so I feel your mom on that one.