Thursday, December 01, 2016

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Deborah: I have something to get you
out of your midlife crisis.
Nick: That can only mean a full-body vibrator!

Have any of you seen this movie? I never have and I find that entirely insane - even though I recall the reviews being fairly vicious, and the movie's all but forgotten today, even at the age of 13 when this movie came out I was a huge Woody Allen fan and Bette Midler was basically my pretend mother, so it's really very inexplicable, me never having seen it. 

And it doesn't help that I only think about the movie once a year on December 1st, which is the birthday of both Woody & Bette. What an odd but perfect pair - I guess it turned out more odd than perfect but I totally get why somebody would think they would work.

PS if anybody wants to buy me a ticket to see Bette do 
Hello, Dolly on Broadway, I wouldn't say no!


Anonymous said...

W**dy A**en,really girl!? I love your blog but wake up he is a child molester. It's almost 2017 It's time to stop talking about this creep.

FoxVerde said...

woody allen passed a lie detector test and was obviously the victim of parental alienation brought on by the psycho mia farrow. google this mia asshole's valentine to woody the year they split psy psy psycho! and oh by the way. when mia split from woody she showed up on the set of manhattan murder mystery and woody allen was like what are you doing here? if some1 molests your kids do you really show up for work with him? mia farrow the hypocrite also lured frank sinatra's wife away from him when mia was still a teenager. karma's a bitch mia.

but my real comment is that i remember radio interviews with both woody and bette seperately where they despised each other. (Which usually happens when the movie tanks to drum up ticket sales.)each said the other was the devil. lol

FoxVerde said...

obviously i meant she lured frank from his wife and not the lesbian scenario i wrote above^ :)

Chip Chandler said...

I saw Scenes from a Mall with my folks when it came out. Bette was the draw, I believe; I can't remember ever watching an Allen movie with them before. To this day, I think my dad thinks this movie is the most heinous thing Allen has ever done, even if any of the other charges were real.