Monday, November 28, 2016

The Great Ginger Bearded Assassin Man

Man every time I start to do a post today I fall down a rabbit-hole of more stuff and more more stuff and before you know it the post has grown ten times larger (okay this is pretty much what has happened every time I have ever written a post in the past ten years - I have no self-control). Earlier today all I wanted to do was say that Luke Evans was cast in The Alienist and before you knew it I'd gathered up thirty pictures of him.

And now similarly I stumble upon the first full clip from Assassin's Creed (watch it over here) and before you know it I've gathered up a new photo-shoot of Mr. Fassbender and a couple new...

... shirtless pictures from that same movie (newsflash - he's skinny) and yadda yadda the post is out of control! Alright alright this post is not out of control - this country is out of control and making everything else feel out of control, maybe that's all it is. ("All.") Whatever the happenings, it's my happening, and I am freaking out. So just hit the jump for some more pictures or whatever, I have nothing especially coherent to say today...

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