Thursday, December 01, 2016

Good Morning, World

The first time I ever posted about Riz Ahmed was when I saw this shot in the trailer for his 2011 movie Trishna opposite Frieda Pinto - I still haven't seen that movie; did any of you? I knew who Riz was at that point thanks to the iincredibly funny terrorism comedy Four Lions, but it wasn't until this moment in this trailer that I found myself smitten. Cut to a couple of years later and he's giving a fantastic performance opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in one of my favorite movies of 2014 and then he's starring in one of the buzziest most bingeable shows on TV and before you know it wham bam he's starring in a Star Wars movie. We've come a long way, Riz. Yes, you have brought me with you. I am right beside you, every moment. Good grief this is a lot of creepiness for before 10am. Let's go have some coffee and try to not be such a creep for the rest of the day. (Ha.) Happy birthday, Riz!


Anonymous said...

Riz is so lickable!

Anonymous said...

This movie is great! So deep and sad. And the sex scenes are amazing. Even though Riz's character is sort of despicable, I've got to say that the sexy dance scene (the shirtless picture from the post) turned me on, especially when she sits on his lap.